Your Pet Tributes


by Ligita Kneitaite

Rocky, wherever you are, you took my heart with you.

Rocky, wherever you are, you took my heart with you.

Losing you has torn a massive hole in my soul, so big that I don't ever dare to fill it up - at all. You are irreplaceable, my friend, my baby... I don't know how to go on now without your floppy ears to fiddle with, without your cheeky smile... Where should I find comfort now without your warm big brown eyes?

I know you knew that I loved you and that I missed when I wasn't there... I just wish I had reminded you anyway, for that one last time. Your love, so pure and unconditional, was the best thing that ever touched my heart. And my heart will love you and will grieve for you... relentlessly... because, my darling, you're worth a billion more tears than my eyes could ever cry.

Please forgive me, for every second you ever felt neglected. You were the best companion ever and I wish I could have done more for you. I wish I could you, bury my face in your soft golden fur, squeeze you tight and cry... I'll always keep a part of you with me, you'll always mean the heaven to me. Speaking of heaven, I hope there are plenty of slippers for you to chew on... And you just wait for me... I'll be there soon. And I promise, we won't ever be parting again...

With all the love I possess in this weeping heart of mine,

Sleep well my baby xxxxxxxxx

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