Your Pet Tributes

'Rodrigo My Sweet Old Rat'

by Jean

Again I am in the pit of despair, having lost my beautiful Rolo, then Elliot and now my sweet old Rodrigo. He developed that awful breathing problem that rats seem to get, despite all the vets efforts he was losing the battle.

I sat in the vets waiting room looking at his poor frail body fighting it's last fight.

He looked at me with frantic begging eyes for help, thye told me it was kinder to let him go, but the worst part of all was that I let her take him into another room to give him final peace and I didn't go with him. I will always blame my self for this.

I now have his lifeless little body to lay to rest as I do for the others put in a lovely pot with a geranium and kept with me. He died with his little hands clasped together, I don't like this life at all.

Love and kisses to you Rodrigo from Mum and stay with Rolo, Amelia, Misty, Elliot and all my other little angels, till we meet at the rainbow bridge xxxxxxxx

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