Your Pet Tributes


by Shane Barnard
(Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa)

My Dear Friend,

Today feels empty without your waggling tail. Tomorrow seems dark without your welcome. I find myself holding on to yesterday, when you were still here.

No words I can think of, or deals I can strike can reverse your death. That reality alone drives me down into the ground. I had imagined our future and maybe that makes it so hard. The days I had imagined for us, all seem to have been swept away.

My tears have flooded my every day, and my heart feels like I it's been ripped apart. My mind wants little to do with the logic of death and the acceptance of it all.

Only we knew what we had, what we shared and how we got there. I find myself unable to explain my pain, process this hurt or even cope with it all. I have prayed and wished you alive, but every morning when I wake and see your grave, it becomes more real.

My love and devotion, my trust and pride will never run weaker, even now that you are not here. You gave to me what so many have received, but never taken the time to understand and appreciate.

I thank you for picking me to be your best friend, your protector and your master. I thank you for the abundance of joy and happiness you shared. I respect and thank you for the inner peace you installed in me. But most of all I love you for being the dog you were.

I love you Ronny and may you chase all the birds you can in heaven.

xxxUnited Foreverxxx

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