Your Pet Tributes


by Stephanie

Roxanne....or better known to our family as "Nanna", today is your last day with us. It is my last act of love to help you die. I don't know how I am going to drive the car to the vets office. You watched over this family and Andee and Jonas like no other dog could. Sometimes I felt like you were a better mother than I.

I will never feel comfortable again letting the kids play outside without you. You who I have watched save them from falling down the stairs and have herded them away from dangerous situations. I have seen you protect them from the other dogs rambunctiosness. But mostly I am going to be selfish and remember the time before I had children and you picked them over me (it's ok nanna I understood why).

I remember you going everywhere with me, the chinook book store to read a book, the bar I worked at and you would lay behind patiently waiting for me to get off of work, the first dates you went on with me to ensure my safety, being on the wall of shame at doggy daycare for doing my job better than I could.... But mostly I want to thank you for helping me bring my children into this world. It was a picture of you I used to focus on to get Andee out of me.

There aren't enough words to thank you or to let you know what a huge part of this family you are. I don't know how to let you go... but I will because I know that if it were up to you, you would stay until the pain was too much to bear. You have been a kind gentle beautiful dog that I know that you will be waiting for each and every one of us at the Rainbow Bridge.

I won't be afraid to die now Nanna. That is your last gift to me. As like with everything else in my adult life you are my inspiration and you are checking everything out to make sure it's safe for the family. I love you and the hole in my heart will stay there until we reunite.

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