Your Pet Tributes

'Roxy Anne'

by Loretta Jayne
(RBS, Tennessee)

Never before did I think that losing a pet would hurt so much, until Roxy Anne was gone.

This rain just makes me miss you so much more. I remember those rainy days as a little puppy, not even being able to jump up on the bed you'd be in bed with me, and just lay by my side when I rubbed you. You were my best friend and all I had for the longest time. In my heart, you'll always be my best friend and I'll never forget all the times you helped me through.

I'll never forget that look you gave me the morning I shut my car door, without you in it when I was leaving for college. I cried for three hours straight because I hated leaving you behind, but I knew I'd see you on the weekends. Then, Daddy started working outta' town and you and him would go stay with Granny in Nashville until Friday, when I came home. I'll never forget that barking before you even got in the driveway and you'd come running in the door, paws sliding on the linoleum floor and you'd fly into my lap. That was always my favorite part of coming home. I loved having you back with me after a week of not having you.

Well, when I decided to transfer schools, you still went with Daddy even though I was home because you were his security blanket since Pa had passed. That night, when I got that phone call, the last I had heard you were fine. I hated knowing I wouldn't see your little tail wagging one more time, or hear those little toenails on the floor. Daddy brought you home from a two hour drive, wrapped up in a blanket. You looked so peaceful, with your little ears all pricked up and it seemed as if you had a little of a smile. But, Daddy and I mourned and mourned until we buried you with your collar and your bone. We buried you by Smokey. And I know you both are wagging your little tails watching Daddy, Jesse and I.

The Summer is coming, your favorite time of the year. You always loved hanging out of the windows and barking at cows. You would always swim with us at the waterhole and wait patiently for your porkchop at the cookout. I'll always miss you curled up beside me and I'll always miss how you were always there even when I thought I didn't need you. I know, deep inside I have an empty spot where you've gone. I know another dog needing a home will come along, but they'll never replace you. You were my baby, my best friend, my child. When you left, you took my heart and a part of my life. You'll always be at my feet, in the car and in the grass, in spirit. I can't wait until the day I get to see your wagging little tail and see those little eyes again.

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