Your Pet Tributes


by Molly

I received my puppy right after my I went through a terrible break up. My Grandmother thought it was a good idea, and you know it was. She instantly attached to me and was playful and full of life and curiosity. She cuddled with me at night, in her tight ball, and woke me with a kiss in the morning. She was my shadow. Even my bathroom was not a lonely place. She was loyal, she was my first dog.

I hate myself for the way she died. I wish I could have came through the back door or garage. I keep thinking what the heck you fool.

I was up stairs and my sister was just at my house and decided to leave for a an hour or two to see a friend. My dog started to growl as she tended to when she wanted something. Normally to go out. I asked her if she wanted out and she said yes the way she normally shows it. I went into the kitchen.

I thought I heard my dog in a fight I ran out the front and instantly saw the coyote. For a fraction of a second as I ran the 30 feet there I thought it's going to run off. It did but with my dog crying in it's mouth. Crying. I was bare foot and chased what I could not see or hear any more for a couple hours in the woods behind my house in 2 feet of snow.

I did not want to give up, but it was about getting dark and there was too much area to cover. My husband grew up in the area and searched near the den before dark and found blood. My poor puppy dog came to the worst end. I keep having nightmares of the whole thing or dreams she is still here. Or thinking if I was not so focused on meaningless things I would have gone out with her as I normally did. I can find no peace with how she died she was too young (16 months) and it was too gruesome.

My love is undying for you my baby. Mama's pain is unbearable without you. You had the cutest biggest ears, a warm tongue and the warmest heart.

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