Your Pet Tributes


by Leslie
(Dallas, Tx )

We battled your illness together, you were so brave. We tried to plan and execute a way to prevent you from suffering. You deserved the very best in comfort at the end of your 13 wonderful, loyal and loving years you gave to us. We knew it was time for you to go in peace and comfort, there with you as you passed over so peacefully in my arms. You were so warm and soft, draped with comfort and love. I thought we would have so much peace in planning a soothing end to your pain.

Right now, I was not prepared for the tears and pain that followed. I am grateful that you will not hurt or suffer any longer. You wonderful memories will help us heal the pain of your absence. I could never ask for a better companion in life, you were truly a blessing to our family. You were such a little Mother to all of us. We love you always. I terribly miss the comfort of you by my side. We only pray that you are having sunny days, green grass, vitality and love above as there is no doubt you are an angel in heaven as you were on our earth.

Your loving family.

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