Your Pet Tributes


by Brooke Kaczmarek
(Silver Lake, MN)

2002, May 30th.

I came home to find you in your eternal sleep. Your beautiful eyes, would never reopen, your soft coat would never replenish. I promised my self, I wouldn't break down, I promised myself I wouldn't cry, I promised myself I'd get sleep at night. But I broke the promise, I needed you here. Too many memories, too many days, life wouldn't move without you, waiting by your gate.

The next day I awoke, I put on my clothes, I headed out to do my chores. I saw your buddy, he was doing great, your kennel was empty. All I could do was stare. You weren't there. I yelled your name, I couldn't stop. I couldn't control, what I lost. I needed you here, but you I couldn't find. But promise me you'll find me, when it comes my time.

Rusty was a mutt, he was the worlds best mutt, he was beautiful, he was full of energy. He was only 6 when we lost him. The vet's said possibly cancer. We never knew. Rusty was my sister's dog, but he soon became my responsibility, I dedicated myself too it. When he left I felt like I needed to have him back right away. It took me days to get over it. Every anniversary of his death we add a rock to his final resting place. It's beautiful, in the middle of our woods, grass grows around, it's the place we'd watch the sun set after a walk. I miss you Rusty!!!

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