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My precious girl, Sage, left me on November 23, 2012 after a short illness. I struggled with 'when' for about two months. Finally the day came. I will never forget the look in her face, her eyes, when I told her we were going to the vet. She stopped moving, just stood still, and she never voluntarily moved again, not while I put her in the car, or during the ride, or when I left her in the car for a moment to alert the vet, or when they carried her in and put her on the table.

The hardest thing I have ever done in my life was walk away from her after she had the needle. Should I have stayed with her longer? Sage, I miss you terribly. My heart aches for you. The house is cold and empty without you. I feel empty without you. I so desperately want to feel you close to me, but I don't. You feel very far away. I can't put your things away. Did you know how much I love you? I wasn't ready to let you go.

I miss your little face in the window, watching me drive away. I miss your tail-wagging greeting at the door every time I came home. I miss how you would come and sit down beside me whenever I sat on the step to have my coffee. I miss tugging on your beautiful ears. I miss rubbing your belly. I long to hold you again, to look into your beautiful eyes and tell you how much I love you. My heart is broken because I can't.

Sagie, my precious girl, I'm happy you are not hurting anymore. Your suffering ends, and mine begins. --- Your Karen

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