Your Pet Tributes

'Sooty aka Mr Pooh'

by Jade

3 weeks have passed and it gets no easier, you are and always will be my sunshine! You lit a room up just by being in it! With your long whiskers and big green eyes you truly were my best boy.

Not a day passes when my heart longs to cuddle you and kiss your purrfect self just one last time! We all miss you and your brother is a shadow of himself as he grieves for you so deeply!

Never has there or will ever be a more loving, eccentric, funny, original than you! The way you were such a precise mouser, caring brother and loving son, you make me so proud even at the end you fought you really are mummy's little soldier!

Singing you your favourite song and holding you close by I miss you so much... You are my sunshine, my only sunshine... sleep peacefully baby boy mummy's special little furbaby I love you more than words could ever express xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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