Your Pet Tributes


by Leah

Sooty.... You were with us for only 18 months, but they were 18 months I will never forget. You were so beautiful with your long white fluff and your big blue eyes, I could not help but smothering you with kisses and cuddles every day. With Your soft meow greeting me every morning, I knew each day was going to be full of sunshine.

Then, 2 nights ago I noticed you weren't yourself. You had lost so much weight and were so sleepy all the time. Little did I know at the time that you were slowly leaving me. We rushed you to the vets who feared you had swallowed a ball of string. No baby, by the time we figured out what was wrong with you, you were slipping away.

Once the vet called and told me you had contracted FIP, I rushed over as soon as possible. When I saw you in that little cage, and our eyes met, you meowed so loud. I heard you sweetheart. I cuddled with you until you fell asleep and once I got up to leave, your little voice played over and over in my heard. 5 minutes later you were gone. You stuck it out just to see me one more time and I love you so much for that.

Even though I cry, I know you are not in any more pain. I just wish you were here longer. But you will forever live on in mummy and daddy's hearts.


Forever loved

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