Your Pet Tributes


by Megan
(Holmen Wisconsin USA)

My dog Sophie was always my best friend.


I love you more than anything this the world. I know you will love Rainbow Bridge, for you always loved playing with animals. I admired how you kept trying always to get attention, and you were never mean, not a mean bone in your body. I'm sorry I pushed you away sometimes, but you have to realize, I've always loved you. You're my pretty Sophie girl and I love you a lot.

When I found out you had cancer, I knew I'd keep you. I knew somehow, you'd live and we'd get to spend eternity together. But I thought wrong. I'm sorry I didn't come with you to say goodbye one last time, I just didn't want to see your beautiful golden brown eyes close for forever. I couldn't bear seeing those twisted, demonic vets who murdered you. You will never be forgotton, Soph <3.

Finley and Ginger have joined you. Hopefully you will never be lonely. I will for sure see you again, please keep waiting. I will count down the days until I see those beautiful eyes once again.

R.I.P. Sophie S. Rice.

My beloved Golden Retriever. I will remember your birthday forever. It is coming up. I will get you a cake, flowers, toys, and a nice big bag of milkbones. I know you always loved them. I will lay them right next to your grave and I will cry, and we will hopefully share another moment together. Thank you for sharing 3 wonderful years with me. I can still remember the day I saw your small body. Sophie, please forgive me for not coming to put you down. I love you with all of my heart. Sawyer misses you a ton also. Sawyer is my other dog. He loves you Sophie. Mommy and Daddy love you too. They miss you. I have several pictures of you on my wall. I will NEVER forget you.

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