Your Pet Tributes


by Linda
(Blackpool England)

Our beautiful 23 year old long haired tabby Sophie died peacefully in my husband's arms this week on 19 June 2013 - my birthday.

The pain is unbearable but this is commensurate with all the joy she gave us right to the end.
It was her time to die and she had a good death. She had lost all the muscle tone from her back legs and was struggling to walk and had started to lose her balance.

She was treated for thyroid problems and the vet suspected kidney deterioration. She only weighed 2 kilos.

We were with her all day and she slept on the sofa drinking and eating occasionally but I could tell she was on her way out. She was a very old lady but didn't appear to be in any pain just weak.
I will tell her story more on the cat story page as this is just the tribute to our wonderful cat Sophie who is now with her beautiful sister Chloe.

We miss her so much. Life will never be the same.

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