Your Pet Tributes


by Paula Mickle
(Mount Juliet, Tn, USA)

I write my tribute of a stray cat I took in, and took care of it, like he was my best friend and part of the family. I found out today, that a friend of mine's husband had accidently ran him over, and he didn't want him suffering, so he took matters in his own hands, and did the one awful thing I would of never done... He killed my cat the rest of the way, and didn't tell me, until today..

I was so mad, cause even though he was suffering, I would of rather took him to the vet, and stayed with him until his very last breath.. I'm so sad, he's not there anymore to greet me in the morning, afternoon, night time.. I will forever miss Special.. Cause he will always be special to me.. I love you Special.. You're always a part of my life.. Miss you dearly.. You were the best cat I ever had!! I love you!

If I knew this day would come to where he wasn't gonna be here, I should of took a photo of him.. He now lives in my Heart!

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