Your Pet Tributes

'Stephanie Lee Noble FITTY'

by Ashley Noble
(Ontario, Canada)

I love you so much and I am so happy you are not in any more pain. I wish that I was by your side when you took your final breath but I'm happy you're finally home. You were so special my little love. I will miss your head bunts and your purrs all day long as long as I am alive. I know you'll be there waiting for me. I'm so sorry to have lost you, I am so sad to be without you. Pretty kitty my little Fitty, I love you so much. xoxooxoxoxoxo

I've cried so many tears in just these 8 hours, I hope it gets better soon.

I had you for thirteen years and all of them were filled with memories of you. You wanted outside and I opened the door. I went to work and when I get back you were so hurt. I should have been there to help you, save you, heal you. But I wasn't and you deserved better Fitty. I love you so much. We cuddled for the 2 hours until the Vet told me to leave. I waited by the phone to hear the news. You were doing okay and sleeping and they told me to come in the afternoon. You didn't make it to 2pm and I didn't get there in time.

I feel so guilty Fitty but I think I showed you a good thirteen years of love to make up for this awful horrible 2 days. You deserved better my lovely little Fitty, I'm sorry. But you were such a sweet heart you would have just batted at my leg then head bunted me :) I cannot wait to see you my love xoxoxo

The day I got you from the Barn down the road was one of the happiest in my life :) You were so cute, little, and fluffy :) I would dress you in baby clothes and walk you around in a stroller, lol You loved it. Now since you were both thirteen years older I will miss you sleeping under my bed in my sock drawer, only coming out for social hour after Tieren is asleep and still accompanying me at my midnight baths :)

I love and miss you so much and if love and my tears of loss alone would bring you back you would be on my lap right. nowxoxoxoxo

I Love you so much and I'm sorry. xoxoxoxo

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