Your Pet Tributes

'Toby Todd'

by Ann

My Sweet Toby. You were only with us for a short time and was just 15 days shy of 5 months. Why the door had to open when it did, why you ran into the busy street I will never know.

My heart aches very badly. I loved you so much. I miss you with all my heart. I feel so sad, numb and in shock that you are no longer here with us.

In the morning you were bathed, fed and taken for a walk. Who'd have thought this would be our final day together. Freak accident for sure. You were my baby. Babied you I did.

I missed seeing you today, holding you today as well. You lit my world up. You were my sunshine. May God give us strength and peace as we deal with losing you, you sweet, precious boy. You will be treasured forever. I miss you so much!!

Love Granny

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