Your Pet Tributes

'Tyler and Todd'

You two came into my life when I was ten years old. All I wanted was a pet, but you two gave me more than that. Nobody else was there for me except you two. You guys were there when I was happy, sad or angry. You celebrated with me when noone did, you comforted me when noone did, you would stand up for me when noone did. But sometimes I left you with nothing but my frustrations, the bottled up anger and sadness I rained down on you two.

Todd, you left me first. A cute little round furball, I never knew that day would come. Just yesterday I had you snuggled in my hand, gently licking me with your little tongue. You were 4 years old already and you felt like a fragile little baby, but a lot weaker. I took a little photo of you with my phone camera. Who knew you were gone the next day. I looked at my last picture of you, and you stared back at me with eyes that said, I'm sorry I have to go. That was too much for me.

3 months after your death, Tyler, your little brother went off too. He was just quietly sitting there, his head buried in his little paws. I gentle stroked his head, it was hard and cold. And I realised he'd left me too. I cradled his body in my hands, tears flowing down my face. You had to go look for your brother, I was selfish to you after his death.

But 3 years have gone since you two left, I know you guys are buried under that big tree near the hedge. I'm still waiting for you two to come back, I want to see you two brothers, coming home to see me. Please come back, I'm sorry if I ever did anything to hurt you.

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