Your Pet Tributes

'Vanilla Hoffman'

by Jerilyn Hoffman
(Coral Springs, Florida)

The Next Day Is The Hardest

by Jeri Hoffman, for my loving Wheaten Vanilla Hoffman

I ate my breakfast in my chair
I looked down and you were not there
A dog's life is short-it is not fair
I want to touch your fur, your golden hair

I look in the hallway at your resting place
There's no thumping tail, no smiling face
The heartbreak comes next, I can't erase
That no one else can fill your place

There are no eyes gazing up from the floor
While I make dinner and the food you adored
No paw lifted up to say give me more
Treats handed out freely and love assured

I walked alone tonite no dog by my side
The one I walked each day with pride.
I scream in my pillow as I cried inside
My very best friend in the world has died!

My friend are you looking down at me?
While you play up there are you happy?
Give me a sign to make me see
That once again you are running free

I asked God why are their lives so short?
Please give me just a quick retort
I guess it gets really lonely for you way up there
You need them to sit by your golden chair...

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