Your Pet Tributes


by Rebecca Serrato
(San Pedro CA)

Hey silly girl!

I miss you so much. Everyone does. Nights are extremely lonely without you sitting on my tummy. I miss your beautiful tail in my face.

I am so sorry Whisk, there was nothing we could do anymore. Dr. Mike tried everything, but you just couldn't be fixed. You were never a burden to me. I would have given anything to still have you. I didn't mind hand feeding you, I didn't mind cleaning your sores, in fact, it became part of my daily routine. I looked forward to calling your name, and then play hide n seek with you.

I really miss you a lot Whisk. I love you so much. I found a little silver locket shaped like an envelope. I put your poem in it and wear it on my neck everyday. You will always be in my heart....forever!

I love you Whisk.


Your Mommy

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