Your Pet Tributes


by Gloria

Willa was a gift from God that left us too soon. I have always believed that there are angels among us & that was Willa. She was just a joy and so full of life. She will be missed by her best friend Mimi & Jen her owner & her dog nanny Gloria.

She loved to go on long walks, chase everything moving & loved all her toys especially the squeaky ones. Her favorite snack was hotdogs that she & Mimi loved to share. Willa was a loyal & devoted angel & she did have issues with other dogs & cats & some humans. But in spite of her short comings she was just a loving & free spirit that put a smile on your face.

Willa we will always miss you & feel your sweet wet kisses when the wind caresses our cheeks. See you on Rainbow Bridge.

Love Gloria, so thankful to have been your dog nanny xxx

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