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'Willie Kitty'

by Susan
(Napanee, Ontario Canada)

Willie Kitty

Willie Kitty

I had to let you go on August 2, 2012. I really did not know that you were so sick under all of that fur.

It breaks my heart over and over again thinking about you and I hope that you are okay. You never showed your pain and I could not make you better. Willie I had to listen to the Vet cause I would of kept you forever my sweet kitty.

I love you... and you are always in my heart

I found Willie & Wizard my 2 cats at the humane society 12 years ago. I decided to adopt them both. Those two cats did everything together, other than just being great friends. Some times they would include me lol. They were both a going concern.

Over the years I realized that Willie had behavioural issues, peeing and a little nasty at times but not with me. After trying all types of medication Prozac seem to work for years. My friends thought I was nuts and made fun of that, but it helped Willie. He also had a virus as a kitten to his intestines that later in his life, the damage done was not going to get any better. We tried steroids but it was not working.

Willie had a great and wonderful life, his own floor fan (lol) half the house and spoiled rotten and the same with Wizard.

Even with Willie's special needs, I loved him anyways, through the good and the bad. I thank god Willie and I found each other, he was meant to be with me and Wizard. I love him so much and I did not want to let him go, I wanted to keep him for ever. He was there for me through my awful divorce, the tears I cried on them both and that was okay they knew I was sad. They both brought me so much joy.

Willie had catitude and the neatest personality. He did what he wanted with that mischievous strike in him that started the day I brought him home. Yep he hung from the curtains, got stuck in the furnace ducking while it was being installed, leaped at missed targets in mid air, accidentally got left in a drawer he went into while I frantically looked all over for him calling his name. If I told him no he would do it anyway.

He knew the two words LITTER BOX.. and growl all the way downstairs, his favourite spot on the black leather chair complete with his own blanket was his area, and Wizard knew that and stayed away. His was not really a lap kitty but when he did jump up I embraced that. For hours he would chatter at the birds outside. His favorite rock group was the Scorpions and Def Lepard and we would dance together. Wizard still likes the groups and dances with me.

I am going to miss when I was putting my make-up on Willie would lightly touch my thigh with his paw as to say.... so okay where are you going now. At times he would get behind the cactus plants on the window sill and I would freak, it was as if to say.. OK save me and have fun doing it. I nicknamed Willie my little Monkey.

Funny Wizard always comes to the door when I came home from work or being out, not Willie... I had to go and find him to say hey. When friends came over he would sometimes grace us with his presence and other times he would go under the bed and think I would not know he was there (lol). Yes he would turn his nose up at anything (tuna even) if I forgot his buy his favourite food. He would give me that look like are you kidding me I am not eating this.

At times in the middle of the night be would scare the crap out me by jumping that great leap of his and landing right on me during a sound sleep or creep up on me and I would wake to him just staring at me. Wizard is still looking for him and so am I. Wizard has not left my side lately so I know he is grieving also.

My heart has a huge hole and so does my home with out him.... Wizard and I will get through this but we miss him.. To you Willie love Susan and Wizard xxxxoooooo We love you much it hurts to let you go!

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