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by Janis

Winston the Wonder Dog

Winston the Wonder Dog

I didn't want a dog, but I got Winnie for my 12 year old son, Matt, 15 years ago. A blonde Cock-a-Poo, with a white patch on his forehead. I remember phoning home from the mall to my hubbie, asking if it'd be alright if we brought home a puppy. Never did I ever imagine in a million years how I'd feel when I had to put him down.

Matt's been gone from the home now for 3 or 4 years now, and we all know that Winnie was really my dog, I was his Mom. He got me through sleepless nights waiting for Matt's return. He was my dog-son, while Matt was gone to 'live the dream'. My faithful companion for when I returned from work, excited to see me, with his wagging tail and yips of glee!

I'll always remember my Winnie-the-pooh. He was so good, never barked too much, never made messes or chewed anything. God knew I'd need him while I watched my family grow up and leave. I think God gives us pets in our life to remind us how much He loves us and gives to us unconditionally.

Every time I think of Winnie I will see him sleeping on my king-sized bed on the pillows and duvet cover - king of the world! Thanks Lord for bringing Winnie to our home and filling it with such love and life.

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