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by: tracey

Moose just come on here to have a look at our Benson and found you. Your mummy still misses you very much as I miss Benson. Hope you're playing together at rainbow bridge. We send all our love until we meet again love to you both.

Still Missed
by: zeuses nan

Never a day goes by without thinking of our big man, we have got a mastiff puppy now, it has eased our grief process but nothing stops us wishing we could have just one more day with the moose. The moose made such a impression on all our lives, we know we changed him from a skinny neglected dog who didn't know how to play with toys to a dog who loved life, loved his toys and most of all loved us, luv u back big man xx

Sorry for your loss
by: stevie

sorry for your loss but if his life was as loving as you indicate in your brief posting, he is... was... and will always be, happy. I encourage you to save another dog and give your love again... your big man will want you to... and he wont mind.

by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

Awe ..what a cutie Moose was!

I am VERY sorry for your loss, Jemma. You and Moose will be good friends forever in heart.

Margaret - hugs

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