Your Tributes


by Jeff Burgess
(Chesterfield Va)

Dear Rassa,

I want you to know just how hard it was for me to make the decision to let you go. I did not want to be selfish and keep you here while you lay there having such a difficult time breathing. I miss you so much and May 23rd will be a day I will always remember for such pain I felt by losing you.

You made a difference in my life by teaching me to love unconditionally and by always being there for the ones you love. Your memory will always be with me. I know you are in heaven today running in a field of flowers, playing with all of Gods children.

A letter to God: Please God take care of my little girl. She has brought so much joy to me that now you have the joy of experiencing the same. Please tell her that I love her, miss her and will see her one day.

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