A Lot of Good Advice and Comfort Here

by Margaret

I lost my beloved dog Max in 2011. He was 14 years old, my first dog I've ever had. As I was a younger adult when I got him from puppy stage, this hit me very hard. He was supposed to be a pet for my son. Well, he became my best bud. This site helped me so much. I kept a journal for 1 and a half years to him, everyday, through many ink blocked stains, from tears.. I took his death very hard. He was like a child to me. But thanks to your website, I did get through this.

I will always be glad I wrote my feelings down, I haven't in some time now though. I think this is healthy, because only doing that for so long got me through I will always love and remember him tho. You just have to go through the process yourself. And it takes a lot of time.........given your circumstances.

Time does lessen the grief a bit, but I still tear up when I dwell on it. I even have a heart pendant with a bit of his cremains i wear sometimes. Time does heal a bit, but this site was so good for me. Thanks so much for that. I feel I'm moving forward in my life journey. I know he would want that for me. And I still know he is with me in a spirit sense. I've recommended this site to all people I know who are going through this . We lost our Koby cat last year too. It hurts so bad. Thanks for this website, and all the inspiration and hope you offer to all in need. God Bless!

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