Pet Loss Poems

'Blessed Are The Animals'

This is one of the pet loss poems I'd not previously come across before a visitor to the site kindly sent it in to me to share here, so thank you to Anne for that. It's a beautiful pet memorial poem and the message it conveys is so very true I think.

It's also one of those pet memorial poems and pet loss poems that make a lovely and simple gift to show a friend or loved one you are thinking of them in their time of grief.

There are a few pet poems that you often see engraved on pet loss sympathy gifts, and I think this would also make a lovely example for this also if you are trying to create engraved pet memorials or personalized pet memorials.

Blessed Are The Animals

Their days are like raindrops

on time's windowpane,

each trickles away

and will not come again;

but blessed are they

as their goodness shines through

and changes the raindrops

to diamonds of dew!

Their years are like leaves

that float to the ground

in colors of emerald

and amber and brown;

and blessed are they

whose "leaves", as they fall,

form a blanket of beauty

that comforts us all!

Their lives are like clouds

that swiftly sail by

and are gone in a moment

from Eternity's sky;

but blessed are they

who turn grey clouds to white,

whose love shines like stars

on the canvas of night!

Pet's souls are like angels

with wings that are furled,

assigned to each mortal

who dwells in this world;

and blessed are they

whose love conquers strife,

the animals are beacons

that brighten each life!

Author Unknown

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