Poems for Pet Loss

'We Have A Secret'

Another of my favourite poems for pet loss, 'We Have A Secret' reminds us of all the little things that can remind us of our pets, and remind us of how they are always with us even if we can no longer see them.

This is a lovely example of animal poetry that like many pet memorial poems can be printed or written into a sympathy card to bring comfort to anyone who has recently lost a pet.

We Have A Secret

We have a secret, you and I

that no one else shall know,

for who but I can see you lie

each night in fire glow?

And who but I can reach my hand

before we go to bed

and feel the living warmth of you

and touch your silken head?

And only I walk woodland paths

and see ahead of me,

your small form racing with the wind

so young again, and free.

And only I can see you swim

in every brook I pass

and when I call, no one but I

can see the bending grass.

Author Unknown

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