Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Beloved Son, Fei Cha'

by Carroll

My dearest son, Fei Cha passed on 29 May 2008, aged 14 and a half years.

It literally tore me apart at every level of my being. He was my heart!

I was asleep but 20% of me was still awake on 30 May, then 3 sentences just came in to my head.

The first sentence, 'because of my tummy.'

(We were told that he had pancreatic when we took him to the vet on 24/05/08, then they said it might be a pancreas tumor on 29/05/08.)

The second sentence 'Thank you for loving me so much!.'

The third sentence 'I really love the walk on the beach that you have taken me.'

I was fully awake as soon as the 3 sentences came up in my head that morning.

On 31/05/08, I was staring at his urn, then the melody of a song was playing in my head 'you just call of my name, I come running see you again.'

I had no idea of who sung the song but found out later it was the song from James Taylor which I own none of his CD.

Please tell me how to cope with this constant ache in my heart?

They say 'home is where the heart is' he, Fei Cha was my heart!

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'My Beloved Son, Fei Cha'

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I understand what you are going through.
by: Anonymous

I'm so sorry for your loss. My Nisa left me on June 4th. I call her my heart too! I just want to let you know that I understand and feel the same way as you!

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