Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Kiri'

by Michele

My Kiri died on the 11-07-2008. Kiri was 17 years old when she died and I love her so much, I cry every day for her.

One particular day four weeks before she died I was so upset. Kiz was both blind and deaf, was epileptic and had chronic renal failure but was out with me walking 3 times a day her quality of live was so wonderful she was brilliant.

However this day she was bumping into things and was very disorientated and I was so upset I could not stop crying. Kiz eventually settled and I took her for a walk with her 2 babies Tod and Nina they are twins and 12 years old.

As I walked down the road I got an overwhelming sense of total peace and felt so warm I felt I was in a bubble it was a wonderful experience something that I have never experienced before. I looked at my Kiz and I just felt that someone God, my Guardian Angel or Kiri's was telling me whatever happens on earth she will be safe in Heaven it was truly wonderful.

When I let Kiz off her lead in the park where we walk for the hour we were out you would have thought she had regained her sight. I am not a very religous person but I pray every night and I do have faith in God. Four weeks later she died.

Kiz had been dead for 3 days and every night I prayed she would let me know she was ok. I cried and still cry for her but this night I was lying in bed and my phone went off. I jumped out of bed and when I looked at the phone there was no message only the phone had lit up and my Kiz was there I am sure it was her telling me she was ok.

I get comfort in those two things that happened, she was a little Angel on earth and she is a little Angel in Heaven, I love and miss her so much.

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'My Kiri'

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Your love for Kiri gave her strength
by: Nancy

I know now after losing our Brandy to chronic illness that the love you shared with your Kiri gave strength and quality of life to overcome great illness. When we had to leave Brandy at my brothers for a short time she became depressed.

I was notified and could do nothing except ask my brother to leave her be unkenneled. Brandy then purposefully found a spot in the woods to die. This was a very sad lesson we learned of a dogs incredible love for his family. I rejoice in your story because it affirms so sweetly that God hears and answers our prayers to Him.

Kiri had Kourage
by: Margaret, Nova Scotia, Canada

What an amazing Kiri, with lots of courage. Just like her Mommy Michele.

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