Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Little Anne'

by Ana

This is not an afterlife story but I still wanted to share this story.

Anne was a little Yorkshire Terrier, weighing in at 2.8lbs. She was my heart, I adored her so much. I've always felt how much she loved me, by the way she looked at me and by how much she admired me.

Anne had water in her brain (hydrocephalus) and eventually her condition worsened. Towards the end of her days, I fed her by hand and gave her water with a dropper. Anne, was no longer walking and when she tried she fell over. It was painful to watch her.

On Thursday October 30, 2008 I was to leave on vacation. I was afraid to leave her, for I knew she would die without my loving care.
I held Anne that morning and told her how much I loved her. I told her I would be going on vacation for a few days and that I would be back for her regardless.

I let Anne know that it was okay if she chose to die while I was gone, that she could go, I would never forget her and I would be back for her.

I left Anne with the best care possible, her Vet. I remember bringing her to the vet for boarding and placing her small kennel on the counter. While I waited, I un-zipped the front of her kennel, and there she was looking up at me with shiney eyes almost as if she was going to cry. I looked deep into her little eyes and then kissed her nose several times, told her I loved her and would come back to get her.

I called Saturday to see how Anne was doing. The report was that she had just eaten her food and was going to be given some water. I was happy to hear that she was still alive, but I worried about her emotional health.

On Sunday, when I woke up I noticed a voice mail message on my phone. I knew Anne had died. I listened to the message, it was the vet asking me to call her. I called her. She told me Anne died Sunday morning at around 7:30. She could not explain why she died other than that of a broken heart.

I picked Anne up Tuesday and took her home. I buried her in my garden under the weeping willow, next to Terry my other yorkie who died of old age a few years back.

You see, Anne I believed was living for me, she should have never made it as far as she did with her condition. For the last month I was dreading going on vacation for a few days, I knew she would die as soon as I left her.

I kept telling her that it was okay if she died. Anne did not want to part with me.

I could not find it in me to put her to sleep, because other than not walking, Anne would eat and drink. Anne would bark when I got home, she would give me kisses and she would get out of her bed to come to me. I could not bare to watch her walk. She struggled to get to me. I would always get up and get her. She was happy to be with me and I with her. She would spend a lot of time in my arms.

I miss her a great deal, she came to visit me in my dreams on the fifth day after she died. I was so happy to see her. She looked so beautiful and shiney. Her gait was off a little but she appeared to be healing. I do hope she comes and sees me again soon.

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