Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'The Last Goodbye'

by Lesley Arlene Carrington
(Sheffield, England)

My little boy Snowy died june 4th at 6 o'clock. He was 19 but he was my special little boy and always will be. I feel as though part of me is missing.

He was my protector and my loyal companion when I've been on my own he's always been there for me, waiting to greet me when I came in from work and when I've been ill he's never left my side, he's always been there to comfort me. He was and always will be my special angel.

He had a stroke 6 months ago, I stayed in bed with him and hand fed him and carried him to the toilet for a week till he gradually started to be able to walk again. Although he was very wobbly he seemed to be improving day by day and the vet assured me he was in no pain. He still did his funny little things although he didnt seem interested in his toys anymore but he was a little fighter and has been from being a kitten.

I didnt get Snowy till he was 6 years old but was told by the lady who was his previous owner that he had been left outside the animal protection shelter with his mum and other kittens in a terrible condition but he pulled through. His picture was in the Rotherham advertiser.

I would have paid any amount to make my little boy better but in the end he slowly started to deteriorate. When he had his stroke and fell they think Snowy caused nerve damage to his spine. He started not to be able to go to the toilet, the vet sedated him twice and gave him enemas but he could no longer go on his own no matter what we tried.

I dreaded the day I had to make the decision to have him put to sleep and I never thought I would have the strength to do it but it's true what they say you just know no matter how devastated you are going to be you can't let them suffer.

The last 3 days before my baby went to sleep he hadn't eaten hardly anything and had not been to the toilet and was just laid in his bed as he could no longer get upstairs he looked at me as if to say 'enoughs enough'.

The vets who have always looked after Snowy, Anita and Rob from Hunters Bar vetinary surgery on Ecclesall road did everything they could for him. They tried everything, it's just knowing when to stop before any suffering starts, I hope I did it in time.

Snowy went to sleep with dignity with the help of Rob who came to our home so Snowy's final hours would be stress free. I had a casket ready knowing the end was near and the next day on a lovely sunny morning I held my little boy for the last time with the sun beaming down on him.

He's buried at the bottom of the garden with his favourite toys and he's happy and free from pain but I hurt so much and I just hope there is life after death and my little boy is waiting for me.

I know there's something because the day he died that night I prayed he'd just come once to prove to me he's ok. That night I felt him jump on the bed as he always used to and I put my hand out and stroked his back and then he was gone. He'll always be with me I know that because he had the same love for me as I had for him.

He was and is so special I sleep with his collar under my pillow every night. I hope I will be able to accept he's in a far better place now so until we meet again my angel, goodnight god bless Mummy loves you.

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'The Last Goodbye'

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Never goodbye , only temporary goodbye
by: Margaret

I am sorry for your loss. I know it is very difficult. My pet passed last November 08. I miss him everyday. I put a tribute on virtualpetloss and there is a candlelight ceremony every Monday they hold all across the globe. My pet was my love also and a little dog, I still light candles and pray for him, I still feel him brush my ankles when I walk around at night, I feel his presence in my room and a month after he passed, I saw a dog that looked exactly like him except it was a female take on him. I believe he still watches and they do have a place and we meet them when it is our turn.!!

Love, and keep the faith! God Bless you and all our beautiful creatures. Don't forget them and always pray. It helps me!

Don't grieve forever...
by: Betty

You and Snowy will be reunited. Have faith.

Snowy, Always and Forever.
by: Margaret, Nova Scotia, Canada

What a touching story, Lesley. Snowy no doubt appreciated your undying and loving efforts. I was the same with my beloved Spike - yellow lab of 10 yrs before he passed 2 weeks ago. I miss my boy very much.

Snowy will be with you in heart and soul and always sleeping by your side everynight.

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