Real Life Rainbow Bridge Stories

'My Cat Boo'

by Carol

My big tomcat, Boo, left for the Rainbow Bridge in 2003; in fact, I lost both him, and a pet rat on that same day. It was emotionally devastating and I grieved for weeks afterwards.

I began having very strong dreams of Boo when the grief wouldn't abate after weeks. In the dreams, I'd feel myself holding him, hear his purring right by my ear and the sense of sheer joy at being with him again was all-encompassing.

In one of the dreams, I heard a beautiful song and lyrics whose melody I'd never heard before, but have never forgotten since that dream. I wrote the words down in a journal. These are the words in the dream song

'I know that you love me
Everything that I do now
Yes, I know that you love me
And you know I love you now
I'll always love you'

I'd still hear him purring as I woke up, often calling his name.

A few months later, while grieving the loss of another little pet, I happened to glance down near our coffee table and saw Mr. Boo, for a few mere seconds - his beautiful tabby fur, then the image disappeared. I was so taken aback at the sight, I went completely still.

A few days later, while going upstairs during the early morning, I saw him sitting on the third step from the top of the stairs. Out of instinct, I went to pat him and my hand went through the image which disappeared at that moment.

Then, a few days later, my younger daughter told me that she'd seen him sitting in the doorway of our upstairs bathroom, looking at her. I had not mentioned my experiences with him to her. You can imagine how I felt when she told me she'd seen him, and soon after she began having lucid dreams of him too.

A few days after Boo passed on, I distinctly heard him jump down from our bed. I heard his paws hit the floor, and the distinct, familiar "whrrr!" sound he'd make as he'd exhale. Even my husband, who can be sceptical of spiritual type events, admitted that he'd felt Boo jump up on the bed.

I have to admit that, once the raw edge of grief had passed and we'd settled into accepting his passage, the appearances and dreams ceased. I know he's always with us, as are all our precious pets because I sense their love - but I also have come to understand that he came to let us know that he and all pets do still exist in the afterlife, and that it was okay to lessen the grieving.

I think the depth of our grief might have made it difficult for him to move on with his spiritual journey. He truly taught me that death is not an end; just a transition. It has given me so much peace and is the reason why I hold complete faith that I'll see each pet again when it's my turn to cross over.

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'My Cat Boo'

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Messages in our Dreams
by: Margaret , Nova Scotia, Canada

Indeed, a beautiful story, Carol. Boo was, and still is, in spirit, a very special Cat. It's amazing how Boo comforts you in your dreams and in other ways. Since my beloved Spike's - yellow lab of 10 yrs - passing over 2 weeks ago, his spirit (so far twice) greets me in my dreams too. It's so good to see him..

That is amazing
by: Elly

Especially that song and the lyrics. I am sitting here crying. Very beautiful story.

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