Thank you for creating this comfort zone

by Karly
(San Diego, CA)

Grieving my beloved cat companion Nanny has been so incredibly sad and painful. As humans we inherently learn throughout life how to process the experience of living, the good and the bad. The term "broken hearted" isn't taken seriously, almost as if it's been watered down over the last fifty or so years. Language evolves. What hasn't changed and never will is our capacity to feel emotions. All the stages of grief have undeniably presented themselves, they are fierce and unrelenting . I've had my share of unfortunate experiences and pain during my journey through life and always somehow worked through even the unspeakable events.

There is nothing that could have possibly prepared me for the intense grief and sense of loss when my sweet Nanny passed on. Now I know first hand what a broken heart really is. No doubt that the ache is there, however it's impossible to describe how it feels.
I've been blessed with some awesome cats and because of this I haven't had many. They have enjoyed long lives, 17 and 20 years for a pair of litter mates, my beautiful girls. I waited for a year before finding Nanny. She filled the cat space in my home and life. She was an adult rescue from the local pound. She was only 13 - 14 years old when she left me. Everyone loved her and even inspired a couple of my friends to adopt 2 cats each. Both of these friends were astounded that they discovered the cat person within. They are great cat parents and in a sense Nanny's legacy.

Thank you for the time, effort, and love you possess to create and maintain this site. I read your story and purpose. I plan to read all of the others who have shared their stories also. I also plan to pass this site on to others in my life who understand the very personal grief of losing a pet.

Writing this, carrying on, has been a relief. You are a true angel for creating this outlet for so many people. Thank you.

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