Thank You. You have helped me.

by AJ
(Sacramento, CA)

Foxx is my best friend. He passed away last night in my arms. I had him for nearly 12 years. From a tiny 2 pound Pomeranian puppy at 8 weeks, to a bouncy, soft, loving, energetic ball of fluff at a healthy 6.5 lbs, to an affectionate cuddle bug, a little more tired a little slower, but still his amazing self.

Everything day we had together was a "fairytail" destiny. He's my forever love.

Foxx had not been feeling well for about a few weeks, we knew that he has kidney disease, and although painful his condition wasn't a surprise. It was well managed for years, but now was just his time. I found out a week ago that he was in the final stages of kidney failure.

Hit with shock, numbness, and denial - I immediately searched the web for how to cope with an impending loss. I found this website, and it has been extremely helpful.

I was fortunate to be able to be home with Foxx every single day this past week. We slept together, had breakfast together (even when he had no appetite he still joined me at the table), we went to the park everyday just to sit together in the grass, and I took him on a 3 miles walk in his stroller every day. Family came to visit and give him love. We did all the things he loved to do this week.

Finally, on his last day, too weak to walk, but strong enough to cuddle I held him close to me. That evening while he was in my arms he fell asleep, and I felt his last breath and heatbeat.

It was very peaceful.

Thank you again for your website. It has and will continue to help me through the most difficult loss I have ever experienced.

November 1, 2004 - August 7, 2016

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