Waiting Of My 2 Angels

by Rohini Singh
(Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India)

I am very thankful to you that you have given this golden opportunity to express emotions & feelings of dog lovers. Which can never be understood by others. It`s too difficult to share our feelings to everyone. Sometimes, people are not interested to understand. They treat dogs as other animals or those who are having dog only for their prestige or show piece, or pet as a animal.

Most probably, many times I wanted to talk regarding pet loss with my family, but later on due to having more depression after talking to each other. So, several times, we tried to hide our emotions to each other. When I saw my father was going into depression regarding this matter, then I stopped to talk him on this, because, several times, we avoided this matter.

My sister is still now avoiding this matter. Though, in my mind I wanted to say many things about them. But, whenever at night I think about that & when I remember their last time, I got mad. I don`t want to remember their last minute still now. I always try to remember their other activities. Though, I want to talk about them with others too but I found no positive responses from them, because their thinking is something else. Sometimes, people think that my family are taking too seriously about this. They have to remember that they are animal only, even my vet, doctor was talking like this, because they all are professional. Sometimes, people say that my family is given too much importance to pets. Sometimes they make fun of us.

Before reading your blogs, stories & poems, I never ever thought that somebody could also love pets like us.

My father is a good writer & several times, he has told me that he want to write something about them. He is a great dog lover. Still now, he cries after remembering them. When I searched your site & informed him, he is very happy. I also told him that I have written many pet stories & read many. And really, you will not believe whenever I remember my kids, I open your site and read it and write my stories too. After writing & reading your blog, I always feel that my kids are near to me & definitely you will send to them my messages to them that how much I love & miss them.

It gives me a great feeling, which I cannot express & write.

Above all, for the first time in my whole life, I came to know that there is the place where all the babies are staying with God & waiting also with their loved ones. It touches my heart & gives me a sound comfort. I don`t know whether it is correct or wrong, nor am I interested to know the reality. I just know that my babies are there & living there happily without any sorrows & very eagerly waiting for me. Thanks that you have given me such kind of hope, which gives me peace of mind & soul.

Thanking You,

Rohini Siingh (India)

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