Your Pet Loss Stories

'A Lesson'

by America Mederes
(Houston TX United States)

I learned something really important when I lost my friend Sony, and when I found him dead I learned something and even though I didn't realize it until a few days passed; he still teaches me things that I wouldn't have thought twice.

Like when I played with him I probably looked like a fool, but yet it didn't matter to him. He taught me that I didn't have to be professional or smart only be myself to be able to enjoy playing.

Now I do love my Dad, but I'm not as close to him as I should be and I always wondered if I was doing something wrong or if he didn't like me. To him working alongside a person is called bonding and boy did I want to impress him when he asked me to do something. Another thing for my Dad, hugging is only used for introductions that's all.

On the day that Sony died he hugged me and yes I lost my dog but he taught me that my Dad did love me, and I believe that he did die but even in death he give me a lesson that had an everlasting effect on me.

In loving memory of my one true love and friend Sony Delight, a dog that had a name of light and who was more of a teacher then I ever hoped to be, and whose unending love gave me something to live for.

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