Your Pet Loss Stories

'A Special Boy'

by Kath

Guy 1998-2008

Guy 1998-2008

Back in 1998 I bought a rottweiler from a breeder at 8 weeks old. Throughout his life he did so much, he became a PAT dog in 2000 and a security dog in 2002.

We both passed the basic British institute exam together for security. Rottweilers have had a bad reputation but this dog was different he was gentle, friendly and spot on in every way.

Sadly he got arthritis which took it's toll. He loved everybody he met and was in everybody's hearts. There was that something about him that made him unique from my other dogs. When you met him you loved him, even if you were a dog phobic you loved him.

He was good at travelling on the tube through the city. My neighbours cried when I announced his passing. He passed away peacefully a week ago. I miss him but I know he would want us to carry on.

My dear Guy, always remembered for your great personality.

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