Your Pet Loss Stories

'Beba, the Survivor Hamster'

by Julieta
(Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Beba and I

Beba and I

Beba came to my life unexpectedly, brought home in the middle of the night by my three cats! I don't know where she came from. The moment she was carried here, I tried to see if she belonged to a neighbour but nobody claimed her. I kept her with us. She lived free in a yard, made her own nest and was fed with the best: cashew nuts, melon, fresh veggies and fruits..The cats never hurt her.

One day I discovered a big lump in her throat area. I took her to the vet and after many days of antibiotics and drugs which made no effect, a biopsy was carried out. She was diagnosed with cancer...

My vet, a great man called Leonardo, did his best to operate on her, but such a small creature could not resist a major surgery to remove a cancer which was so big. She died...

I miss my little rodent friend every day...she made my life happier....

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