Your Pet Loss Stories

'Domino Dax'

by Rhonda Gamberg
(Abbotsford, BC, Canada)

On Tuesday, Dec 30th, 2008, I had to say goodbye to my furry friend, Domino Dax. I always called him Daxi. He was my baby. He loves his mama and his mama loved him. He came home with me on January 17th, 2001.

My son and I had gone to a no-kill policy pet shelter intending to find a calico, a sister for the other cat we have. Out of 129 other cats we came home with a big black male. For some reason I kept coming back to him. The last time I did he was just going back to his bed and he seemed to say, "I may as well go back to bed, she won't choose me." But I did.

My Daxi and I had a special bond. I'm having a rough time, he's been gone now for nearly 3 days. My grief is overwhelming, I find myself crying much.

I tell people he was my gift of love from God. I grew up being bumped and bruised by life. Daxi had also been abandoned and two lonely souls found each other, we both knew the pain of it. He showed me unconditional love - it didn't matter to him what I looked like - he loved me for me and oh, how I loved him.

Before I left with him, the lady of the shelter told me this "Whenever an abandoned animal finds a good home they are forever grateful", and he was. I will be forever grateful he came into my life and graced me with his presence. I was blessed to he his Mom for nearly 8 years.

The girl at the vet hospital, told me before I surrendered him, "Daxi, will be your own furry angel now. Be strong for him, he wouldn't want you mourn him, grieve yea, that is your right but he would want you to be happy."

I am so sad he isn't here with me, but I knew he was suffering, I couldn't let him go on like that. I am relieved his pain is now passed, he is whole, happy, carefree, feeling the gentle breezes, sees the flowers growing and sitting and purring at the Master's feet at Rainbow Bridge.

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