Your Pet Loss Stories

'I Just Lost My Bestest Friend'

by Venessa & Bruce
(Miami, Fl )

Yesterday, January 20, 2009 I lost my best friend Floffy. She was 15 yrs old. She had just turned 15 on August 15. I got her when I was 8yrs old. My Mom found her in the yard of my elementary school. My parents had just gone through a bad divorce and my Mom knew this dog would change our lives. My Brother and I were having a hard time with the separation. From that day on our lives were never the same!

Floffy was sweet, kind, loyal and crazy!! As a puppy she ran through the house like a mad dog chasing balls. I still remember her chasing a ball and it fell into an empty fish tank and she ran into the glass!! It was so funny!! She blessed our lives with unconditional love and devotion. I can't come to grips with losing my dog!! 15yrs gone!! My best friend gone. I will never see her again or be able to hold her. I yearn for her kiss her smell and her love.

It's only been a day and I am DYING!! My family is totally destroyed. She died in our arms of old age. I think she had a heart attack. She knew she was loved till her last breath! I looked into her eyes and told her over and over again telling her how much I loved her! I rushed her to the ER, but she had no heart beat. Having the nurse hand her over to us lifeless was something I will never forget!! I miss my dog!! I need her!! I don't know where to start!! I don't know where to go from here!! I need her!! We need her!!

She is sleeping now in our yard in a beautiful spot!! I still can't believe she is gone forever!! I am forever in debt to her!! She has taught me about love!! She taught me what it was to love!! She was always there to give us love. I can't wait till the day I can be with her again! I know there is a place for these loving souls in heaven.


I will never forget you!! Your loss has left a hole in our hearts forever!! Thank you for all the years you so unselfishly gave to us!! It kills me to know that all I have left of you is wonderful beautiful memories that will live in my heart forever!! You will be missed as deeply as you were loved.

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