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'I Will Never Forget My Little Fur Baby'



Tomorrow, I am going to put my beloved Shih Tzu to sleep. He's been suffering from a recurring tumor, and this time it grew back internally. Surgery will be incredibly painful, and most likely, the tumor will grow back.

We've made the painful decision to put him to sleep to end his suffering. It's one of the hardest decisions I've ever had to make, but I know I'm doing this for HIS sake. But the thought of having him die in my arms, and never seeing him around the house, the pain is sometimes too much to bear.

I spend my days in tears now, from morning to night. After tomorrow's euthanasia, I think I will be inconsolable for a long time. He's the best doggie anyone can ask for. Maybe it's God's way of taking him away from me so he can go and make some other family very happy, like he did for me. He would follow me everywhere I go, and even wait outside the bathroom for me.

He's a precious little darling and I will never ever forget him. The sadness is just unbearable and I've never had to deal with such a loss. My heart aches knowing that in 24 hours, my precious fur baby will no longer be with me. I hope he will be in doggie heaven, painless and running around freely everyday eating his favorite treats.

Thanks for listening. I don't know how to deal with the pain and grief, but I'll deal with it day by day.

Dusty's Mom

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