Your Pet Loss Stories


by Siana Akehurst

We took Iris in nearly two years ago. She had lived in Spain and her owner didn't want her anymore and had taken her to the vets to be put down, but they refused to put down a healthy 10 yr old cat.

We had just lost our 15 yr old cat Jerry and felt a pull to take Iris in. She was a smoke grey persian with a grumpy little face! We watched her grow and learn to trust over the time we had her, and it was heart warming to know we had bought comfort and belonging to her life.

About 3 weeks ago she become weak very suddenly and wouldn't eat or drink and became so withdrawn. We found out last week that she had a tumour and we kindly had her put to sleep. We are heartbroken and miss her terribly. Life feels very empty without her, despite having a cat and a dog left. They are a comfort, but something still feels 'missing'.

Iris bought so much into our lives and because she was a 'special needs' cat who needed so much attention, it feels weird not having her here. I have no guilt feelings as we done everything we could for her from the moment we got her until the day we lost her, but I do hate the fact we didn't have longer with her when she had come such a long way.

On the flip-side although we didn't have years and years with her, we had her long enough for her to be part of our family and to leave an impact on us. I take comfort in knowing she ended her life happy with people who loved her so much.

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