Your Pet Loss Stories

'I've Lost My Best Friend'

by Dave
(Apex, NC)

Saturday, I lost my Annie. I got her in August of '99. She was so beautiful, and scared. I had to carry her to my pickup, and then into the backyard. It took her a while, but eventually, she would take treats from my hand.

Even though it's only been 9.5 years, it seems like I've had her forever. She bonded to me. She loved me no matter what. She used to sleep on my back. She was a 65 lb lap dog. She loved nothing more than to climb onto my lap and sleep.

When she started having seizures a year and a half ago, the only thing that would make her feel better was to have me hold her. She always wanted to take care of me.

So.. my other best friend is Roxannie. She has a large tumor that is causing her breathing problems. I've had her since April of '99. My Wife and I had her put down yesterday, since she can't really get good sleep because she has trouble breathing when she is laying down. She sits up and pants all day now. She's been doing it for about a week. We took her to the vet on Monday, and she was diagnosed with the tumor.

I think it hurts so bad because Annie wasn't suffering. She seemed to be in good health, and vets were surprised at how old she really was (12 years old). She ran like she was a lot younger. She seemed to be in good health. The seizures eventually went away (with drugs). I had gone out on Saturday, and when I came back, Annie was dead. She was my dog. Roxanne is also my dog, but Annie had bonded to me.

Annie was special. We figured because she was so skittish, she was probably beaten when she was a puppy. She loved me so much. When I was gone, she was depressed. She loved to have me hold her, take her for a walk, and she loved our bed. When she was scared, she would go into bed. She would even tell me when to go to bed.

She was more than a pet, she was my best friend. The death was so unexpected. Both of them were fine on vacation over the holidays. No problems. 2 weeks after coming home, my Annie is gone.

It's hard being in the house knowing she is gone. I've lost pets before, but none of them were as special as Annie.

I really don't know what to do. The pain won't go away. I want so much to hold both of them. They were the best friends you could ever want. I got to hold Roxanne while she went. I feel so horrible doing it to her, but I know she was suffering. What kind of life is it if you can't sleep? I want her back so bad. I want both of them so bad. I WANT THE PAIN TO STOP! It hurts. It really does. I didn't think of them as pets. They were my best friends.

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