Your Pet Loss Stories

'Losing Buddy'

by Leanne

Buddy came to live with us by accident. We already had a female Dachshund named Prissy. One of my daughter's friends got Buddy and my daughter noticed that she was not treating him very well so she brought him to me to find him another home. And of course I fell in love right from the start.

For the next three and a half years Buddy filled our lives with more love than we had ever known. My husband took Buddy to the vet on a Saturday for a routine check up and was told that Buddy had heartworms. He showed no signs of being sick in any way.

On Monday morning my youngest daughter and I, along with Buddy left home. I dropped my daughter off at school. Then Buddy and I stopped by my office so everyone at work could see him. Of course he was a big hit. As we waited for the vet to call us back Buddy and I watched all the other animals and Buddy loved it. He seemed so happy.

When they called us back I again questioned the vet as to what could happen with this treatment and was assured that Buddy would be fine. I kissed him bye and told him I would be back. At lunch I called and checked on him and was told he was fine.

About three that afternoon my cell phone rang. The vet was on the other end and said that Buddy was having some problems breathing and I might want to come out. Suddenly I couldn't breath. My world seems to go into slow motion. I called my husband and he stated he was on his way.

When I arrived Buddy was in an oxygen tent and when he heard my voice he tried to run to me. The vet said that he was having a reaction to the meds and they had never had this happen before. I could see from their faces that Buddy was in trouble. I asked to hold him and I held the oxygen on his face.

For the next two hours Buddy fought so hard to stay with me. I kept telling him he couldn't leave his Mom. That I needed him so much. From the moment that he died my world has changed. My family and I cannot eat or sleep. We just sit and cry.

I have never in my entire life felt grief like this. My baby is gone. I call eveyone I know hoping that someone can tell me something to ease this pain but nothing helps. My Buddy was the light of our lives and we are lost without him. We need help dealing with this.

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