Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Baby Boy Gone Forever'

by Danika
(Townsville, QLD, Australia)

My Baby Boy Ruphis

My Baby Boy Ruphis

I had the cutest little rat. His name was Ruphis. He bought sunshine into my life. He loved me and I loved him and we were like brother and sister.

I had to get Ruphis put down because he broke his back. He had a sad look in his eyes as if he was trying to say I love you as we walked into the vet.

I remember that sad day the sunshine was taken out of my life. That day was the day Ruphis left the earth. His departure was a peaceful way but a very sad way. I would do anything to get him back but there is nothing I can do.

I dream of him coming back but when I awake those dreams are erased. I miss my little boy. I miss his company, cuteness and his comforting hugs and kisses.

I still have a very cute dog that gives me hugs and kisses and he is also like a brother to me.

In memory of Ruphis the Rat.

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