Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Beautiful Angel Toddy'

by Gunjan Bhardwaj
(India (New Delhi))

I don't know where to start this I have no words to describe her. Today is 1st Jan 2009 and she left us on November 21 2008. My beautiful angel Toddy she had seen me and my siblings too, grow. When she came in my life I was 14 yrs old, the time when she left us I'm married, we spent more years with her than my Father. He passed away in 1990 that time my Mother was pregnant for 9 months she was expecting with my younger Brother.

Every single moment is killing us we are scared of 2009 how we will start our life without her. My Mother she is very strong from outside however she she is shattered from inside. Yesterday when I called my Mother to wish her new year she was sobbing, her voice was shaking she said I don't know how I will live without her, I had lived without your Father because I used to see him in my children now where I can find my baby which I know I will keep calling her and she will never come back .

This is for you my little angel.

We are missing you, Mummy cries every time we keep looking for you everywhere. Life is impossible for us to live without you. Toddy, Mummy is not well babu please take care of her.

I love you, we love you mera baccha.

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