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'My Beautiful Holly Boo Boos'

by Christine Sznurfeil
(Lancashire, UK)

It's coming up to ten months now since we had to let you go. Some days are better than others Babe, I see your picture every day and I say Hi you.

I still can't bring myself to get another Boxer but Cassie makes up for you not being here. She is as nutty as you are, is so funny, if you were here you two would cause chaos I know it.

I'm dreading Christmas as it's going to be the first one without you Boo Boos. I would send you balloons up to the Bridge so you could play with them seeing as howyou loved to do that, but I can't, the stars are shining bright tonight and I said Hello wherever you are up there.

On that special Christmas Eve when midnight comes and all the pets get to glance down at their loving homes, I shall go outside and look to see if I can see the brightest one cause I know it's you saying Merry Christmas to all of us Darling.

I will never ever forget you ever, in my eyes you were the best friend I ever had and I miss you so much. I've worked through the grief and let it go, I know you are everywhere I am and I try so hard to remember you every day. Sometimes I forget to say Hello because I am so busy with other things, but I keep you alive in my heart, just as your earthly body isn't here doesn't mean your spirit isn't, I know it.

I love you so much Babe, sleep tight until we meet again my sweet girl,

Your Mom xxx

For You Holly Boo Boos

I had a little Boxer girl
Holly Boo Boos was her name
She really was a cheeky one
This much we all knew.

You had the beautiful Boxer coat
Yours a rich dark brown
And on your head a white flash
That you wore just like a crown.

You had the most beautiful big brown eyes
And a muzzle as black as the night
Half your body brindle
But your chest and paws snow white

So if you get a Boxer dog
And she snores the whole night through
Please take good care of her
Cause God may have sent to you
My beautiful Holly Boo.

I loved her oh so very much
And in death I love you more
And when I come knocking
Please be there when God opens the door.

I long to see your beautiful face
Your wonderful big brown eyes
To see your tail wagging
Is a pleasure I can't deny.

I miss the times you snored all night
And kept us all awake
But most of all Holly Boo Boos
Is to hug and kiss your face.

You may be gone from in our midst
But you are still here with me, you see me
Stop by when you have the time
Because I know my Darling that I still need you here with me,

I ask God every single night
To give you a kiss from me
And to ask that he cuddles you as I cannot you see,
I know that you are young again and rushing all about
Barking and having fun as Boxers are mean't to be.

Just to say I love you, x x x x

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