Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Dogs Killed My Cat'

by Salie

Sugar - a special cat. Sugar was our family member. He was loved beyond measure. Our 3 dogs - rescue dogs - outside dogs - jumped on him when he snuck out of the house, and my Husband neglected to notice his escape.

My Daughter heard a commotion. She ran outside and saw the cat grabbed by one dog at the neck, another at the back leg and still another in the midsection. My Daughter dove in the middle of this craziness and ran inside with the bleeding cat. The blood loss was all over the deck and trailed into the house. She called me at work and told me that Sugar was dying.

We called the emergency vets who got to the house quickly. Sugar was in the hospital for 5 days. He was never to come home again. His liver gave out. But he managed to stay alive to see my Daughter one last time. The cat let out a cry and we knew that his systems were shutting down. He was put to sleep through the iv.

It is the single most horrendous thing my child has had to endure. Traumatic. Sugar deserved better and the memory of this tragic incident haunts me.

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