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'My Guilt'

So I wrote a story that was titled "my Sneezer", and after reading some of the other peoples I find myself feeling so guilty. In pretty much every one I read you guys were there at the last minute of your pets lives. Well do you want to know where I was? Me, I was at school.

It was the first day of school, and my parents didn't want me to miss it. But the thing is, I SHOULD have been there for Sneezer, telling her everything is going to be ok and petting her. I should have been the last one to look into her eyes. You see I read all of these poems that talk about how the pet was glad they were there for their last moments, or that all they want is for them to be there, AND I WASN'T THERE!

I don't know, maybe some of you know how I am feeling, but for those who don't, it's one of the worst kinds of feelings. You start to ask youself questions: Was she looking for me? Did she feel betrayed? These are the things I think about before I go to bed, and it's bothering me so bad, I just hope she can forgive me.

I love you Sneezer, forgive me, wait for me,


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