Your Pet Loss Stories

'My Hamster Buttercup'

by Sophia

Well, one night, while Mom was scanning the computer, I happened to skip upon a page about hamsters. That gave me the one question, "Mom, can I have a hamster"? Mom was totally fine, but it's her fiance' she was worried about.

Well it turns out I did get a hamster, named Buttercup. I spoiled her rotten. Well right now my 13 year old brother has a hammie named Nibbles. But anyway,that one day I took her out while she was sleeping. She had a BIG, HUGE nosebleed (kinda gross but, it's the way of life:)) she had a runny nose that day earlier. Suddenly she arched her back silent, then, just weakly fell dead.

I tried giving her air and pushing, without getting close to her mouth, but she was gone. My best friend, gone. :( yet I know her soul is still alive, thank you.

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